4D Flow MRI Hands-On Training Course

University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Medicine & Public Health DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY

October 1 & 2, 2018

The Department of Radiology is pleased to announce a 4D Flow MRI Training Curriculum for physicians, technologists and researchers.


The 4D flow course is intended for physicians, technologists, and MRI researchers who have a basic proficiency in MRI and/or knowledge of cardiovascular MRI, who wish to leverage the capabilities of their MR systems for 4D flow MRI and expand their knowledge on 4D flow data analysis. Analysis training will use the Circle Cardiovascular Imaging ‘cvi42 4D flow software’


The program incorporates didactic instruction with practical live scanning at the scanner console and hands-on 4D flow data processing (3D flow visualization, flow qualification, etc.).

4D flow imaging basics and analysis concepts will be systematically introduced, including 4D flow MRI imaging protocols and data analysis workflows. Additional expert lectures will cover clinical and emerging 4D flow application areas.

  • Review the basic concepts of 4D flow MRI.
  • Gain practical knowledge in technical aspects and protocols of the 4D flow MRI examination: Live 4D flow in-vivo scans.
  • Apply 4D flow MRI post-processing techniques: Hands-on training of 4D flow analysis concepts and workflows.
  • Identify current clinical application areas and research topics.
  • Work directly with 40Dflow MRI experts to analyze real-life cardio-thoracic 4D flow MRI cases.

For more information, please contact Karen Knipschild at (608) 263-8799 or kknipschild@uwhealth.org.