Residents (PGY3 or greater) and Fellows are asked to block 4-6 weeks of elective time spread throughout the year to fulfill the requirements for the program. Leading a project and providing monthly updates to the applicable training program director is required.

Non-Physicians/IT Professionals

This leadership program is available for other professionals who seek to develop a more integrated informatics partnership with their physician counterparts. An application requires a letter of recommendation from your manager and a letter of interest describing your career goals. A commitment of 10% of your time for one year will be required. The project you will be leading will be in your area of responsibility, and you will be required to write monthly updates to your manager.

Requirements for Completion

  • Attendance at 75% of lectures, meetings, and courses required.
  • A project must be presented at Radiology Research Day, UW Quality Week, or at a national conference.
  • CIIP exam highly encouraged (for physician trainees only).
  • Upon completion, the trainee will receive a certificate of program completion.