Cai Invited to Serve on ACS Peer Review Committee

Posted on May 2021

Dr. Weibo Cai

Congratulations to Professor Weibo Cai, PhD, who was invited to serve on the American Cancer Society (ACS) Peer Review Committee for Experimental Therapeutics. The committee reviews grant applications in the following areas: isolation, testing, and synthesis of natural products; modification and development of drugs; toxicity and effectiveness of therapeutic agents and drug delivery systems; molecular imaging for pre-clinical therapeutic development; pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacogenomics; and gene therapies and gene target validation.

“Much of the research topics covered by the Experimental Therapeutics committee fits very well with my own research interest. It is a great honor to serve on this peer review committee to help the American Cancer society select the most impactful, innovative, and exciting cancer research,” says Dr. Cai.