Cai Lab Impresses with Dual-Targeting Cancer Agent

Posted on September 2015

Reinier Hernandez, a 5th-year medical physics graduate student in Dr. Weibo Cai’s Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MINL), received the 2015 European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Eckert & Ziegler Abstract Award. Haiming Luo, a post-doctoral fellow in the MINL, is an equal-contributing first author on both the abstract and the manuscript. Their winning abstract is entitled “Synergistically Enhanced Tumor Uptake via Dual-Targeting of CD105 and EGFR Using a “Click” Heterodimer.”

A heterodimer is a complex formed by two different molecules, in this case a glycoprotein (CD105) and a cell-surface receptor (EGFR). These component molecules use different molecular pathways during tumor uptake, increasing the probability of successful therapy.

This approach was praised as a, “simple and effective method to generate multi-specific targeting agents,” by MINL Director Weibo Cai, Ph.D. Dr. Cai was a previous recipient of the Eckert & Ziegler Abstract Award in 2012. More than 2,000 abstracts per year are submitted for the award and only 5 are selected to receive it.

The EANM Annual Congress is typically attended by more than 5,000 people. The 2015 gathering will be held in Hamburg, Germany, in October.