Cai Research Group Makes Impact at SNMM1 2018

Posted on July 2018

Weibo Cai, PhD, Professor in the Department of Radiology, and his Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology Laboratory had another successful year at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this past June. The current Cai Group members received a total of 11 awards, setting a new record.

Out of a total of 20 Travel Awards given by SNMMI this year to attend the meeting, seven Cai Group members (Emily Ehlerding, Carolina Ferreira, Dawei Jiang, Dalong Ni, Bo Yu, Lei Kang, Weijun Wei) received a Travel Award. Former Medical Physics PhD student of the Cai Group, Reinier Hernandez, now a postdoctoral scholar at UW – Madison under the supervision of Dr. Jamey Weichert, also received a Travel Award. In total, the current Cai Group members gave 12 oral presentations and 4 posters.

At the Meeting were several Young Investigator Award (YIA) Symposiums where the best scored abstracts of each track were selected to compete in the YIA symposium and the top 3 candidates were selected for awards. The Cai Group had two abstracts selected for YIA symposiums this year and Carolina Ferreira received the 3rd Place CMIIT Young Investigator Award. Of the nearly 1800 accepted SNMMI abstracts approximately 10 of the best are selected for a Press Release at the Annual Meeting. This year one of Dalong Ni’s abstracts was selected.

Christopher G. England, a former post-doc in the Cai Group and currently a Managing Editor at the American Chemical Society overseeing multiple journals such as Bioconjugate Chemistry, Molecular Pharmaceutics, and more, received the SNMMI Alavi-Mandell Award for his 2017 publication in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Cai himself served on multiple committees/boards and played many roles at the Annual Meeting. Within the organization, Cai is the President of the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council (RPSC), Member of the SNMMI Committee on Awards, Committee on Councils and Centers, Committee on Scientific Program, the House of Delegates, and Committee on Radiopharmaceuticals. Cai is one of the two Vice-Chairs of the “Molecular Targeting Probes – Radioactive & Nonradioactive” Track, overseeing/organizing the entire track. In addition, he is the Sub-Chair of RPSC Young Investigator Award (YIA) Symposium, as well as the Sub-Chair of “Preclinical Probes for Oncology” Category of the “Molecular Targeting Probes – Radioactive & Nonradioactive” track.

This was in addition to Cai’s work organizing and moderating the Continuing Education (CE) Session on “Michael J. Welch, PhD Award Lecture”, moderating the CE Session on “Molecular Imaging from Bench to Bedside”, organizing and moderating the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences/Molecular Imaging/CMIIT Basic Science Summary Session, moderator of the RPSC YIA Symposium, and co-moderator of the Scientific Session “Preclinical Probes for Oncology I.” All in all a very impressive showing by Dr. Cai and his Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology Laboratory!