Cai Research Group Published in Science

Posted on July 2021

Dr. Weibo Cai

Professor Weibo Cai, PhD and the Cai Research Group are part of a team led by Professor Xudong Wang, a Materials Science and Engineering Professor at UW, that has developed a new technique for large-scale synthesis of biodegradable and bioresorbable piezoelectric amino acid gamma glycine. This innovative research was published in the prestigious Science on July 16th, 2021.

This technique would be used to create transient implantable electromechanical devices that could be used in patients to perform functions such as monitor cardiac function or speed up bone healing. Since the devices require no batteries, they would dissolve in the body once they have completed their job. Currently, most piezoelectric materials are unsuitable for patients because they are rigid, brittle, or toxic. This research could improve piezoelectric devices and make them available for patient use. You can learn more about this cutting-edge research here.