Former Cai Research Group Members Selected as “Ones to Watch”

Posted on August 2021

Three former Cai Research Group members – Carolina A. Ferreira, Shreya Goel, Hyung-Jun Im – were selected as “Ones to Watch” in 2021 by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), which recognizes 30 early career professionals each year with the potential to shape the future of precision medicine. This is the third year SNMMI has given this prestigious recognition to young professionals, and each year, three former Cai Research Group members have been selected.   

Carolina is now a postdoc at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Shreya is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at University of Utah, and Hyung-Jun was recently promoted to Associate Professor at Seoul National University.  They join 2020 recipients Dalong Ni, Sixiang Shi, and Reinier Hernandez and 2019 recipients Dawei Jiang, Emily Ehlerding, and Feng Chen as members from the lab to receive this recognition.  

For Professor Weibo Cai, PhD, it is exciting to see his lab members succeed. “All of them are brilliant students or postdocs and I am very proud to see that each and every one of them is doing well after they leave our group. It is humbling and satisfying at the same time to see that they are recognized by the SNMMI as future leaders. More stars like these will arise in the future,” he says. 

SNMMI Announces Ones to Watch 2021 Selections - SNMMI