About Us

About the Department of Radiology

  • More than 120 faculty members, over 20 fellows, and 45 residents
  • A clinical program built on a stable financial base and an endowment developed to help fund our research programs
  • A warm, open, and friendly work environment with strong faculty governance
  • Opportunity for inclusive mentoring, including our Women Physicians in Radiology Committee
  • Faculty with a desire to work with residents and fellows to continually improve the learning experience and to further develop their teaching skills
  • Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)’s Imaging Sciences Center is a cutting-edge translational and interdisciplinary research facility that brings together radiologists and medical physicists with multimodality state-of-the-art imaging technology in one location.

Unique Departmental Resources

  • Strong Medical Physics collaboration and a close development relationship with major equipment vendors
  • State-of-the-art technology in CT, MR, PET/CT, PET/MR, angiography, ultrasound, PACS, and a major investment in artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging
  • Extensive research infrastructure, including grant writing support, media specialists, research nurses, research technologists, and data managers
  • WIMR Imaging Sciences Center includes 60,000 square feet for 3 MRI, 1 PET/MRI, 2 PET/CT, cyclotron, 2 CT, and 2 angiography systems, as well as a full complement of small animal imaging technology.

University of Wisconsin Resources

  • One of the nation’s top 10 research universities as measured by annual research expenditures
  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is one of world’s leading patent and licensing organizations and has partnered with UW Department of Radiology inventors.

UW Health

  • UW Hospital and Clinics named #1 Hospital in Wisconsin for 11 years in a row.
  • UW Health is a multi-hospital academic health system providing both primary care and state-of-the-art quaternary care to millions of patients annually.