Welcome to the Department of Radiology research website at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. This is one way for you to explore many of the research activities and resources that we have available in our department, and to learn more about our thriving imaging research program.

At no other time in human history have we had the technology and understanding to peer inside the human body in order to diagnose and treat diseases with advanced imaging methods. Imaging is central to ongoing advances in disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring, and to advanced new approaches in minimally-invasive image-guided therapies. Imaging will continue to revolutionize the way in which medicine is practiced. Despite the challenges of the current federal funding environment, never before has our department been more productive and had greater impact on the field of imaging than it does now. Indeed, a recent Elsevier report ranked the Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin as the third in the world for its impact on the field of medical imaging. The mission of our department is to advance human health through innovation in imaging. We are fortunate to be part of a great American institution, the University of Wisconsin, with an unparalleled depth and breadth of talented researchers and physicians. Located strategically on the UW-Madison campus, the School of Medicine and Public Health has great resources for both basic sciences and medical research. The Department of Radiology plays a central role in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) where we can pursue collaborative and translational research both developing advances in imaging and using these advances to further basic and clinical science. We aim to improve the lives of people beyond the walls of UW Health by translating imaging innovation into clinical care. Finally, we are proud of our long-standing relationships with our industrial partners, particularly GE Healthcare. We believe that close partnership with industry is essential to ensure widespread economic development of Wisconsin and cost-effective delivery of advanced imaging to our patients. We are proud of the unique entrepreneurial spirit in our department and the start-up companies with foundations in our department. Through these entrepreneurial activities and partnerships with industry, we are able to further embody the Wisconsin Idea and bring new innovations to the world. On Wisconsin!! Scott B. Reeder, MD, PhD

Improve human health through innovation in imaging.

Mission Statement

Our Goals and How We Achieve Them

Overall Goal and Vision

The UW Department of Radiology will continue to be a world-renowned center of excellence in imaging research, as recognized by patients, physicians, scientists, and national and international institutions, for its leadership in advanced imaging through innovation.

Values and Principles

Our values are consistent with those of UW Health. We value and support:

  1. Excellence and Integrity – in everything we do.
  2. Stewardship – of resources entrusted to the research enterprise for advancing clinical medicine through investment in imaging research.
  3. Transparency – for full disclosure of how and where institutional resources are invested, as well as the impact of these investments to further the overall institutional mission. Transparency beyond the walls of our institution is an important aspect of this value. We have tremendous responsibility to the public that has entrusted us with the privilege to care for patients and to perform research.
  4. Environment – supporting and fostering an environment that promotes a world-class research enterprise, including talented core research staff, maintaining and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, and other necessary infrastructure.
  5. Translation – to embody the Wisconsin Idea to improve people’s lives beyond the walls of UW Health by translating research innovations into clinical care, including collaboration with industry to ensure widespread dissemination to all corners of the globe. We value the impact that technology transfer has on the economic development of Wisconsin, and on cost-effective delivery of advanced imaging to our patients.
  6. Fostering Success – by supporting all staff and faculty, particularly those who are junior, to achieve their fullest professional potential. Further, we will create a positive and diverse working environment based on respect for team members and their individual needs and aspirations. We recognize the importance of fostering talent through professional development from within the UW family.
  7. Leadership – foster a mindset of leadership in research that defines, rather than follows, the frontiers of innovation and discovery.
  8. Team Science – create and support environments and opportunities that foster intra-departmental, inter-departmental and inter-institutional collaborations that promote team science, opening entirely new possibilities for innovation in imaging.