Duggan 2019


Year: 2019

Title: County of Residence and Screening Practices among Latinas and Non-Latina Whites in Two Rural Communities

Country: United States

Age: Adult Only

Sex: Female

Population: Hispanic

Care Setting: Outpatient Ambulatory and Primary Care

Clinical Setting: Breast Cancer Screening

Data Level: Regional

Data Type: Private Survey

Data Source: Local data

Conclusion: No Disparities Based on Patient Race/Ethnicity

Health OutComes Reported: No

Mitigation: No

Free Text Conclusion: Ethnicity was not associated with having a guideline-concordant mammogram

Abstract: OBJECTIVES: Latinas are less likely than non-Latina Whites (NLW) to utilize mammographic screening and are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Here, we examine the effects of county-level factors on guideline-concordant breast-cancer screening behaviors in Latinas and NLWs. DESIGN: Latinas (N=108) and NLW women (N=132) aged >40 years, residing in two adjacent rural, medically underserved counties in eastern Washington State, completed a baseline questionnaire on mammography utilization and demographics. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Differences in socioeconomic variables and knowledge of screening practices were examined by ethnicity and county of residence. Predictors of having had a mammogram within the past two years were analyzed using multivariate logistic regression. RESULTS: Ethnicity was not associated with having a guideline-concordant mammogram; however, age (odds ratio [OR]=1.04, 95%CI:1.01-1.08); having >12 years of education (OR=2.09, 95%CI:1.16-3.79); having a regular clinic for health care (OR=2.22, 95%CI:1.05-4.70); having had a prior clinical breast exam (OR=5.07, 95%CI:1.71-15.02), and county of residence (OR=2.27, 95%CI:1.18-4.37) were all associated with having had a guideline-concordant mammogram. CONCLUSIONS: County of residence and having had a prior CBE were strong predictors of screening utilization. Community-level factors in medically underserved areas may influence screening patterns.