Yoo 2012


Year: 2012

Title: The Effect Modification of Supplemental Insurance on the Relationship Between Race and Bone Mineral Density Screening in Female Medicare Beneficiaries

Country: United States

Age: Adult Only

Sex: Female

Population: Black

Care Setting: Outpatient Ambulatory and Primary Care

Clinical Setting: Osteoporosis Screening

Data Level: Single Institution

Data Type: EHR

Data Source: Local data

Conclusion: Disparities In All Minority Groups

Health OutComes Reported: No

Mitigation: Yes

Free Text Conclusion: Black women on Medicare less likely to get DEXA although effect mitigated by having supplemental private insurance.

Abstract: To determine the effect modification of supplemental insurance on the relationship between race and bone mineral density (BMD) in female Medicare beneficiaries. Retrospectively analyzing hospital administrative claim and clinical data of female Medicare beneficiaries (n = 1,398), we performed multivariate logistic regressions of BMD testing including data from all study participants and the subsets of health insurance. Significantly fewer Black than White female Medicare beneficiaries received the BMD testing in the overall sample (odds ratio, OR = 0.63; p = 0.02) and those without supplementary health insurance (n = 709; OR = 0.38; p = 0.004). By contrast, the magnitude of this racial disparity in the BMD testing was diminished among those with supplementary private health insurance (n = 689). We found a significant racial disparity in BMD testing for Black and White female Medicare beneficiaries. This disparity became more pronounced among those without supplementary private health insurance.