Dr. Tabassum Kennedy Wins ASHNR First Place Award

Posted on November 2013

Dr. Tabassum Kennedy, Assistant Professor in Neuroradiology, has recently been the recipient of a prestigious award.

Dr. Kennedy received the first place prize for her scientific exhibit entitled “Decoding the Audiogram: An Illustrative Guide for the Head and Neck Radiologist” at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ASHNR) in Milwaukee, September 25-29.

With funding from the Department of Radiology’s Research and Development fund, Dr. Kennedy worked with other authors on this exhibit including Drs. Jane Maksimovic of neuroradiology, Michael J. Hartman and Lindell R. Gentry of head and neck radiology, and members of the department of Otolaryngology Kathryn A. Brewer, MS, Jennifer Ploch, MA, and Dr. Samuel P. Gubbels.

Dr. Gentry called Dr. Kennedy’s work on this exhibit outstanding. “We were able to successfully contextualize a clinical test with imaging correlation utilizing a well-organized multidisciplinary approach,” Dr. Kennedy noted. This exhibit can be viewed in the hallway just outside the Head and Neck reading room.