Autonomous MRI


Speaker: Juan Santos, PhD, President and CEO of HeartVista

Seminar Title: Autonomous MRI

Date: December 14

Time: 4:00 pm

Location: SMPH/HSLC Room 1345

Abstract: Cardiac MRI (CMR) is now considered the gold standard in cardiac function, tissue characterization, valvular quantitation, and arrhythmic and congenital heart diseases. It is also one of the most accurate techniques in the evaluation of cardiac ischemia and continues to improve in coronary artery imaging. However, CMR has not been widely adopted due to, we believe, the requirement for highly trained technologists who know cardiac anatomy, can recognize and correct for image artifacts, and can identify and focus on potential cardiac disease.

It may produce inconclusive results due to image artifacts, particularly due to poor breath-holds or significant arrhythmia, and it requires significantly more scan time than other types of MR exams. To address these issues, we have developed a vendor independent autonomous MRI system that can perform a complete cardiac ischemia exam in 15 minutes with minimal user intervention. We have trained machine learning (ML) models to completely automate the prescription and examination workflow with all the steps of the exam controlled by the system.

Speaker Bio:

President & CEO, HeartVista, Inc.

Consulting Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department

Stanford University

Stanford, CA