Transferring Images from the VA to UW PACS

If transfer only needed within 48 hours, then…

  1. Contact VA Release of Information (ROI) during normal business hours 8:00am – 4:00pm
  2. Complete form 10-5345 – see a sample completed form
    • Requires patient or physician signature.
    • Non-anonymized images will only be provided if the images will be “assessed as part of clinical decision making,” otherwise anonymized images will be provided. If this is the case, the clinician must indicate this on the request form.
  3. Non-anonymized CD will be burned and available for pick-up at VA ROI within 48hrs.
  4. Clinical service walks CD to the UW file room (F2/4), where it is loaded into UW PACS within a few minutes of receipt of CD.
    • File room hours:

      24/7 during the week
      7:30am-3:30pm on weekends
      Not staffed on holidays
      On pager 6359 for emergencies

    • Alternatively, clinical service can load study into PACS through the designated computer in the Emergency Department. If that is unsuccessful, however, the file room staff have alternative methods of loading most non-anonymized studies into PACS.

If transfer needed sooner, then…

  1. Follow steps described above, requesting need for “expedited” processing. CD should be available from VA ROI within 2-3 hours of request.
  2. If not during normal business hours or quicker turn-around time necessary, call imaging technologist on duty (cell phone (608) 308-3444) to request CD.

Please email reports of any problems to Scott K. Nagle, MD, PhD at

Process for how to transfer images