MD-PhD Fellowship

Program Information

The Department of Radiology offers an annual 1-year graduate student fellowship to fund one MD-PhD student beginning his or her graduate research with a faculty member who has a primary appointment in the Department of Radiology. The fellowship will cover stipend, tuition, fringe and benefits for 1 year only. All other project costs must come from other currently available sources. Because each MD-PhD student will only be eligible for one year of funding under this mechanism, the Department of Radiology faculty mentor will be expected to provide funding for the subsequent years of the student’s graduate work using other sources.

Goals Of This Award

  1. Encourage MD-PhD students to consider research in radiology
  2. Encourage Department of Radiology faculty researchers to mentor MD-PhD students
  3. Improve the visibility of radiology as a potential field of specialization for future physician-scientists
  4. Increase Department of Radiology involvement in multidisciplinary research

Application Guidelines

  1. Each application will be a joint application from both student and mentor and will describe the student’s specific project.
  2. Awards will be based in large part upon how well the student’s background and career goals, the mentor‘s experience, and the proposed research synergize. An additional consideration will be how well the project advances the research priorities of the Department of Radiology.
  3. The application will typically occur during the MD-PhD student’s second year of medical school, after they have had an opportunity to rotate in different labs during the summer between their 1st and 2nd years.


Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Phil Danzer at with questions about the process.

Questions? Contact Us

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