Machine Learning

Introduction: The overall purpose of this initiative is to foster inter-disciplinary collaboration between machine learning (ML) experts and Radiology researchers at the University of Wisconsin, in order to develop and apply state-of-the-art ML solutions to challenging problems in medical imaging. This proposal responds to the rapidly growing interest in ML techniques within medical imaging research. In recent years, ML techniques have demonstrated unprecedented potential to solve challenging problems in medical imaging, including problems in image reconstruction, image processing, and computer-aided diagnosis. Therefore, this initiative seeks to promote collaboration between ML experts and Radiology researchers at UW.

Monthly seminars: A seminar series will be held during 2018, including 1) seminars describing technical developments in ML with potential biomedical applications, 2) seminars by local or external Radiology researchers, describing problems and techniques that may be opportunities for ML approaches, as well as ongoing projects, and 3) seminars by biomedical researchers (not in Radiology), describing pioneering experiences applying ML in their fields of study. The seminar location will alternate between Engineering Centers Building/WID and SMPH/WIMR. These seminars will also provide opportunity for UW researchers to become familiar with researchers ‘on the other side of campus’.

One-day workshop: This workshop (date TBD) will be the core event of the proposal. The goal of the workshop will be to enable face-to-face communication and discussion between researchers from various backgrounds, and to promote collaboration. This one-day event will include major presentations by leaders in the fields of ML and Radiology, as well as research presentations and/or posters by junior researchers and students. Further, the workshop will include a short presentation describing the RFA for pilot grants (see below).

Pilot grant proposals: TBD