Previous UW Radiology Shapiro Research Projects


Student:  Clara Chow
Mentor:  Mark L Schiebler, MD
Title: Liver fat in asthma patients: Relationship to disease severity and future risk of developing metabolic syndrome
Summary:  This research aims to determine whether liver fat measured by computed tomography (CT) Hounsfield units (HU) of patients with asthma correlates with chronic steroid use and their future risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Student: Oliver M Hunt
Mentor: Perry J Pickhardt, MD and Meghan G Lubner, MD
Title: Normal and Pathologic Hepatosplenic Volumes
Summary: Is CT volumetric analysis of hepatic and splenic volumes an effective method for establishing a range of normal volume values, assessing liver cirrhosis, response to TIPS treatment, and interactions between hepatic and splenic volumes?

Student: Scott Grogan
Title: Assessment of kinetic energy losses in ascending aortic aneurysms using 4D flow MRA with VIPR acquisition
Summary: The aim of this study is to quantify left ventricular KE and ascending aorta KE and WSS in healthy volunteers and subjects with dilated ascending aortas.

Student: Syed Hussaini
Title: MRI Analysis of Kinetic Energy in Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot with Time-resolved Segmentation
Summary: The primary aim of this study is to compare RV KE calculated using time-average
ventricular volumes to RV KE calculated using time-resolved ventricular volumes.

Student: Scott Lee
Mentor: Perry J Pickhardt, MD
Title: Detection of Low-Contrast Liver Lesions using Ultra-Low Dose CT and DR-PICCS Image Reconstruction
Summary: Are ultra‐low‐dose CT images reconstructed using the DR PICCS algorithm equally capable of detecting low‐contrast liver lesions as current image reconstruction methods at  standard protocol radiation doses?

Student: Christopher Lindholm
Mentor: Mark L Schiebler, MD.
Title: Radiation Dose Savings of MRA-PE Exams
Summary: Our purpose is to determine if MRA-PE exams have a better safety profile than CTA-PE exams as determined by a significant savings of medical radiation exposure and similar outcomes (negative predictive values) to CTA-PE exams.

Student: Matthew Smith
Title: Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity in Portal Hypertension using 4D-Flow MRI as an Indicator for Cardiovascular Disease
Summary: The primary aim is to measure and compare aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV) in healthy individuals and subjects with portal hypertension.


Students: Joshua Bakke
Mentor: Perry J Pickhardt, MD
Title: Colonic Fluid Volume
Comparison of Cathartic Bowel Preparations for Computed Tomographic Colonography
Joshua Bakke’s presentation

Student: Nicholas Stabo
Mentor: Perry J Pickhardt, MD
CT Volumetric Tumor Measurement for Assessing Treatment Response.
Nicholas Stabo’s poster

Student: Benjamin “Beau” Ebben
Mentor:Kenneth S Lee, MD, MBA
Noninvasive Quantification of Tissue
Biomechanics: Shear Wave Imaging in a Porcine Tendinopathy Model.
Beau Ebben’s poster

Student: John Renfrew
Mentor:Jason W Stephenson, MD
Algorithm-Based Quantification of Radiological Reporting Metrics.
John Renfrew’s poster

Student: Sarah Sweetman
Mentor:Scott K Nagle, MD, PhD
Repeatability of Aortic Annulus
Measurements on Pre-Procedure CT Scans For Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI).
Sarah Sweetman’s poster