IL-2 (Interleukin – 2 Chemotherapy)

Patients who are currently on IL-2, or have received IL-2 in the recent past, have an increased risk of delayed reaction. The reaction can occur up to several hours after the injection, and can be mild to severe. Symptoms can include hives, rash, pruritis, fever, chills, joint pain, flu-like symptoms, tachycardia, or hypotension. Symptoms can be mild and self-limited, or severe requiring hospitalization. Patients who have experienced an IV contrast reaction while on IL-2, or after IL-2 therapy should not receive IV contrast for any future imaging unless an extreme situation arises. (IL-2 patients should NOT receive steroid pre-medication. That counteracts the intended effect of IL-2).

Patients receiving IV contrast who are currently on IL-2 therapy or for 6 months following the completion of IL-2 therapy must be monitored for a minimum of two hours after their CT scan. This is usually done in the oncology clinic or in our waiting room after the scan. Six months after the cessation of therapy or after 2 uneventful contrast-enhanced scans the patient may return to normal monitoring.