IR Conference Curriculum

IR Multidisciplinary Conferences

UW Liver Tumor Board: This occurs every Friday at 12:30 PM in hospital conference room G5/134.

Hepatobiliary Conference: This occurs every Tuesday morning at 8am in the medical school (HSLC 1229).

VA Liver Tumor Board: This occurs at 3:30 pm in the GRECC conference room on the fourth floor at the VA on the second and fourth Thursday of each calendar month.

VA Lung Nodule Conference: This occurs the first Thursday of the month at noon in the VA transplant conference room on the fifth floor.

Educational Conferences

General Topics

  1. Patient care/pharmacology
  2. Radiation safety
  3. Reducing occupational hazards.
  4. IR clinical practice/radiology team
  5. Billing/coding-coders
  6. Billing/coding-physician
  7. Legal Issues
  8. IR clinical practice
  9. Job Interviewing/CV maintenance

Vascular diagnosis

  1. Noninvasive vascular imaging
  2. Vascular diagnoses
  3. Vascular intervention
  4. Intra-arterial therapy for metastatic disease
  5. Intra-arterial therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
  6. Trauma
  7. GI Bleeding
  8. Vascular Anomalies
  9. Deep venous thrombosis thrombolysis
  10. IVC Filters/pulmonary embolism thrombolysis
  11. Bronchial artery embolization
  12. Pelvic congestion syndrome, varicocele, high flow priapism
  13. Uterine fibroid embolization and post partum bleeding
  14. Dialysis
  15. Portal hypertension
  16. Venous sampling
  17. Peripheral arterial disease
  18. Renal vascular disease
  19. Carotid vascular disease
  20. Abdominal aortic aneurysm/dissection
  21. Peripheral venous disease.
  22. Central venous access

Nonvascular intervention

  1. Ablation
  2. Medical Oncology
  3. Spine interventions.
  4. Genitourinary interventions
  5. Biliary disease
  6. Image guided biopsy
  7. Image guided aspiration and drainage

Journal Club x 13 (once every block)

Other Educational Conferences

VA Rad Path Conference: This is run by the IR residents and is scheduled on the second Thursday of each month at 6:45 AM. Non-diagnostic biopsies are reviewed and two interesting rad-path cases are presented.

Interesting Case Conference: This is scheduled on the last Tuesday of each resident block. It takes place at 7:00 am in the IR reading room. IR residents present interesting cases.