American Family Children’s Hospital to inaugurate new Imaging Pavilion

Posted on May 2013

American Family Children’s hospital is planning to inaugurate a new Imaging Pavilion aimed at multidisciplinary care and providing an efficient and supportive environment for patients and families. The Imaging Pavilion will feature both a technological update to include state-of-the-art advanced imaging technology as well as a fun, decorative campground theme to make patients and their families feel more at home.

The new Optima CT660 FREEdom is designed with patient comfort in mind. Optimized ergonomics and a streamlined display allow the radiographer to spend more time with patients and less time setting up scanning protocols in another room. The CT6600 also scans quickly, up to 1800 mm in less than 1 second.

The new LOGIQ E9 is an ultrasound imaging system that allows ultrasound to be used in new ways on virtually all patient body types. It can also match real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET or ultrasound images.

The imaging pavilion will also include a large dynamic flat detector in radiography/ fluoroscopy to ensure excellent patient coverage, noise reduction and improvement of image contrast. It also decreases radiation exposure both for patients and medical staff, all while retaining a high imaging quality.

A fun feature of the Imaging Pavilion will be its interior design aimed at creating a “camping adventure” for patients and their families. Guests to the Imaging Pavilion will walk along a hallway lined with 3D tree installations, and flooring beneath their feet will be designed to look like an old wooden plank path in a forest. Along the hallway, visitors can peer between the trees to see camping scenes. A flooring display designed to look like a pond, complete with stepping stones and lilypads, merges the camping adventure into the clinical space.

In addition to becoming a “one stop for all imaging needs,” American Family Children’s hospital seeks to provide one of the safest pediatric imaging centers in the country along with a serene environment shaped around family and patient-centered care.