ARRS Awards and Presentations

Posted on June 2010

The Department of Radiology was well represented at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS). Notably, Drs. Mikala Brinkman and Louis Hinshaw won a Certificate of Merit; Dr. Jeffrey P Kanne received the Melvin M. Figley Fellowship Award in Radiology Journalism, and Dr. Ken Schreibman received the Best Speaker Award. Congratulations to Drs. Brinkman, Hinshaw, Kanne, and Schreibman, and to all who presented at the meeting.


Certificate of Merit
Drs. Mikala Brinkman and J. Louis Hinshaw for their electronic exhibit entitled Comprehensive Analysis of Interpretive Errors in Abdominal Imaging and the Lessons that can be Learned.

Melvin M. Figley Fellowship Award in Radiology Journalism
Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD

ARRS Best Speaker Award
Ken Schreibman, MD PhD
Part 1: Anatomy & Radiographs
The presentation was recorded and is posted on the ARRS website


Keynote: Musculoskeletal Interventions: Moving Beyond Ordinary
Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD

Ultrasound and Interventions
Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD, Moderator

Educational CME Talk: Injuries: Case Based Imaging Review
Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD

Educational CME Talk: Hip Imaging: Acetabular Labrum and Snapping Hip
Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD

Part 1: Anatomy & Radiographs
Ken Schreibman, MD PhD
ARRS Best Speaker Award in 2009 for this course.
The presentation was recorded and is posted on the ARRS website.

Keynote: The Flatfoot: Terminology, Treatment, and the importance of the Cobey View
Ken Schreibman, MD PhD

Smoking-related interstitial lung disease
Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD

Moderator Power Hour: Cardiopulmonary Imaging
Cristopher Meyer, MD

Cystic Lung Disease
Cristopher Meyer, MD

Control at CT Colonography: The Frequency of Obtaining an Additional Decubitus Series
Bucach CM, Pickhardt, PJ, Kim DH

Comprehensive Analysis of Interpretive Errors in Abdominal Imaging and the Lessons that can be Learned
Hinshaw JL, Brinkman M

Incidental Adnexal Lesions Detected at Low-Dose Noncontrast CT in Asymptomatic Peri- or Post-Menopausal Women
Hanson, M, Pickhardt PJ, Kim DH

Standardized Reporting Utilizing CT Colonography Reporting and Data Systems (C-RADS) in over 5,000 Colorectal Cancer Screening Individuals
Kim DK

Incidental Renal Masses Identified at Screening CT Colonography: Frequency and Clinical Relevance.
O’Connor SD, Pickhardt PJ, Kim DH, Oliva MR, Silverman SG

Variation in Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Within a Unified Health System
Weiss J, Kraft S, Flood G, Fiedler L, Pickhardt PJ, Smith M, Pfau P.

Multi-detector CT for Suspected Acute Appendicitis: Diagnostic Performance in 1,666 Adults
Lawrence E, Pickhardt PJ

Instructional courses

Optimizing CT Colonography Technique
Kim DK

Multimodality Shoulder Imaging
Ken Schreibman, MD PhD with Ken Buckwalter of Indiana University

Research Papers

Is Conventional MRI as Accurate as MR Arthrography of the Hip?
Strickland CS, Blankenbaker DG, Davis KW, De Smet AA, Keene JS

A comparison of Anteromedial and Lateral Patellofemoral Approaches For Knee Injections
Rutkowski A, Davis KW, Blankenbaker DG, Tuite MJ, Haaland B

Are Radiographs of the Thoracic Spine Truly Inadequate in the Setting of Trauma? Accuracy of Thoracic Radiographs for Diagnosing Injuries of Varying Severity
Huddleston J, Davis KW, Blankenbaker DG, Lee K, Anderson P, Haaland B