Birrenkott Garners AAARAD Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on October 2014

After nearly two decades of service, Margaret Birrenkott, MBA, Department of Radiology Administrator and Director of Business Services, was honored with the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Administrators in Academic Radiology (AAARAD). Joining the association in 1996, Birrenkott’s contributions are too numerous to count, and include formal lectures, presentations, and leadership at AAARAD, as well as informal guidance and mentorship of new Radiology administrators. In this regard the award appropriately recognizes Margaret’s broad impact throughout academic radiology.

Following two years on the Board of Directors, she assumed the role of President from 2005 to 2006. As president, she presided over three national conferences, conducted monthly board meetings, and created a strategic plan for the future of the association.
In addition, Birrenkott created content for “Business of Radiology” presentations directed at radiology residents, to help them better understand the business aspects of academic radiology. Content covered in these lectures included strategic financial topics as well as tactics to align Departmental culture and values.

AAARAD was established in 2004 after a split from the predecessor organization of Association of Administrators in Academic Radiology and Radiation Oncology (AAARRO). AAARAD’s goals are to encourage member-to-member networking, foster greater professional collaboration with departmental chairs, and create education opportunities for administrators and business professionals working in academic radiology.

We at UW Radiology congratulate Ms. Birrenkott on her success.