Cai Awarded a R01 Grant on Development of Molecular Imaging Agents

Posted on April 2013

Weibo Cai, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Medical Physics (, was recently awarded a NIH R01 grant which starts in April 2013. The grant is focused on the development of novel positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agents for monitoring prostate cancer therapy, which will provide critical information that can be immediately applied to guide future clinical trials in prostate cancer and lead to a paradigm shift in patient management. In addition, the novel imaging agents developed here can also be applicable to many other solid tumors. The funding was provided by NCI and NIBIB in a 50:50 split.

Dr. Todd E. Barnhart, Director of the UW Cyclotron Facility, is a Co-Investigator on the grant. Professors George Wilding, Glenn Liu, R. Jerry Nickles, James Holden, and Robert Jeraj are all consultants on the grant.