Comings & Goings

Posted on February 2015


Fanrong Ai, Ph.D. joins us as an Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Cai’s lab.
Bob Ash joins us as an Information Processing Consultant.
Rachel Bakken joins us as a Scheduler in the Intake Center.
Samantha Brooks joins us as an Information Assistant at Radiology Reception and Scheduling.
Krystal Canfield joins us as a Financial Specialist III.
Leah Champion joins us as an Imaging Assistant (Ultrasound).
Emily Connor joins us as a Temporary Imaging Specialist.
Sarah Counter joins us as a Student Hourly (Community Section).
Jordyn Daley joins us as a Student Hourly (Administration).
Ruth Danforth joins us as a Senior Administrative Assistant.
Rachel Davis joins us as an Imaging Assistant (MRI).
Ines de Castro Dutra, Ph.D. returns as a Visiting Assistant Professor.
Kayla Endres and Rayna Kluz joins us as Imaging Assistants in Diagnostic Radiology.
Morgan Hill joins us as a Student Hourly (Research).
Elena Krupenkin joins us as a Systems Programmer (Application Developer).
Chris Larson and Kaethe Sigelko join us as Project SEARCH Interns, beginning their rotation in Diagnostic Radiology.
Terry Little joins us as an Associate Administrative Program Specialist (BIRCWH Program Manager).
Coua Moua joins us as an MPA Associate (PET).
Eric Mischo joins us as a Sr. Information Processing Consultant (Data Reporting Analyst).
Veena Nair, Ph.D. joins us as an Assistant Scientist, Dr. Prabhakaran’s lab.
Irene Ong, Ph.D. joins us as an Honorary Fellow, Dr. Burnside’s lab.
Maria Solis joins us as a Scheduler.
Luke Stacey joins us as an Imaging Assistant (CT).
Jason Steil joins us as a Nurse Clinician.
Haiyan Sun, Ph.D. joins us as a Visiting Associate Professor, Dr. Cai’s lab.
Jacob Willems and Sarah Zauner join us as Imaging Specialists (Diagnostic Radiology).
Rebecca Woods and Shelly Wu join us as Ultrasonographers.


Gillian Battino, M.D., MPH., Clinical Assistant Professor.
Allyson Bowles, Associate Information Processing Consultant.
Amanda Chen, Student Hourly (Finance).
Teigan Dwyer, Finance Student.
Hao Hong, Assistant Scientist.
Samantha Mergen, University Services Program Associate.
Rebecca Overland, MPA Associate, Neuroradiology.


Jenelle Fuller is now an Instrumentation Specialist (MRI)
Gina Greenwood, previously Business Operations Manager, has taken on a new role as UWHC Director of Radiology.
Jessica Harried takes on a new role as Ambulatory Clinics Supervisor.
Jessica Hickey takes on a new role as an Imaging Specialist (MRI).
Brooke Peters is now an Instrumentation Technologist (PET)
Yirong Wu, Ph.D. is now an Associate Scientist.