Departmental Promotions Announced

Posted on August 2018

The Department of Radiology is pleased to announce the following promotions, effective July 1, 2018:

Dr. Weibo Cai was promoted to Professor on the Tenure Track. Dr. Cai was recognized for his international reputation in molecular imaging, specifically focusing on nanotechnology applications for developing new molecular imaging agents.

Dr. Chris François was promoted to Professor (CHS). His promotion was based on his innovative contributions to cardiovascular imaging, especially techniques using 4D flow methods in order to provide comprehensive information about hemodynamics and cardiovascular function in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Allison Grayev was promoted to Associate Professor (CHS) in recognition of her work with medical student and resident education. Dr. Grayev’s promotion was based on her outstanding creativity and dedication to educate medical students. As co-director of the gross anatomy course, Allison has worked hard to improve the curricular format as well as the effectiveness of the material presented to the students.

Dr. Emily Lewis was promoted to Clinical Professor for her excellence in clinical practice and dedication to educating medical students. In addition to her specialized clinical practice realms, Dr. Lewis has promoted uniformity in reporting practices in thyroid imaging and is a leader in promoting evidence-based medicine.

Dr. John Park was promoted to a Clinical Professor in the Community Radiology Section. Dr. Park has worked hard as the Community Radiology scheduler, not only to ensure the Community Division is running efficiently, but also that decisions are made by taking in account opinions of all the employees. He has made many contributions that aim to improve patient care, as well as the protocol given to treat the patients.

Dr. Jason Pinchot was promoted to Associate Professor (CHS). He has made a significant clinical impact in the development of the vascular anomalies service at the University of Wisconsin and at the American Family Children’s Hospital. In partnership with Dr. Aagaard-Kienitz and others outside of the Department, Dr. Pinchot has developed a regionally recognized service for the treatment and diagnosis of vascular anomalies.

Dr. Conrad Pun was promoted to a Clinical Associate Professor. This promotion was based on his dedication to improving patient care. Dr. Pun made multiple contributions that have improved patient outcomes, increased comfort and efficiency of the care given to patients in the UnityPoint-Meriter campus.

Dr. Elizabeth Sadowski was promoted to Professor (CHS) due to her national reputation using MRI to diagnose and treat diseases involving the female pelvis, specifically uterine and ovarian malignancies. Dr. Sadowski has made an important impact as a result of her contributions to national consensus guidelines for image acquisition and interpretation of MRIs.

Dr. Frank Thornton was promoted to Professor (CHS) in recognition of his clinical excellence and the development of a national program for community-based radiology groups within academic radiology programs. Dr. Thornton has been highly instrumental in developing an approach to leverage the unique contributions of the Community and Academic divisions within the UW Department of Radiology.

Congratulations to these faculty members and best wishes in their new ranks!