Do You Know Your UW Radiology Coders?

Posted on March 2014

Do you know who works in the office located in G3/311? Do you feel 298.9 or R41.0 when asked?

Your UW Radiology coders are here to help!

We are made up of 8 coders, an assistant and a coordinator. We range in Radiology-specific experience from newly hired to 25 years.

After the scheduler makes the appointment, the tech takes the films and the radiologist dictates the report, we assign a 5 digit CPT code for what procedure was done, and then assign an additional 3-5 digit ICD-9 code for why it was done.

This fall we will be undergoing a major change as the United States adopts the ICD-10 coding system turning the diagnosis codes from 3-5 numeric digits to 3-7 alphanumeric digits, and are currently in training.

We are available to assist you with any questions regarding the information dictated in a radiologist’s report, and with translating that information to an insurance claim.

Please stop by to say hi or ask questions of any of your 8 coders who rotate daily through the G3/311 office! Or call us at 263-0701.

Thank you from your coders- Beth Levers, Cindy Soczka, Deb Smalley, Kim Tober, Melissa Brunker, Pam Plesac, Pam Schilder, and Roxanne Aehl .