Dr. Blankenbaker Travels to Brazil through International Education Program

Posted on October 2010

Associate Professor, Donna G. Blankenbaker, M.D. will bring her medical expertise to Brazil as part of the International Visiting Professor Program offered by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The program fosters international relations among radiology societies to assist with medical education in developing and newly developed nations.

Dr. Blankenbaker will be joined by two fellow radiologists as she embarks October 7 on the 12-day trip. She will spend her visit giving presentations and teaching intensive seminars to members of Brazilian radiology societies and hospital radiology departments.

The program is mutually beneficial. The visiting team of radiologists informs local doctors and hospitals about the latest advances in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology. In turn, the visiting professors experience firsthand the obstacles faced by medical professionals in the host countries.

“The RSNA International Visiting Professor Program provides an exciting opportunity to develop and grow long-term relationships with radiologists from other countries,” Dr. Blankenbaker said. “I look forward to learning about the practice of radiology in Brazil and sharing my expertise and experience as a musculoskeletal specialist in the United States.”

Dr. Blankenbaker is accompanied by Robert W. Hurst, M.D., from Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Erik K. Paulson, M.D., from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. Dr. Blankenbaker will attend the Brazilian Congress of Radiology at Rio Centro in Rio de Janeiro, visit Clinica da Imagem de Goiania in Goiania, then travel to Belem where she will visit Hospital Ofir Loiola and Clinica Lobo.

The International Visiting Professors Program was founded in 1986 and is administered by RSNA’s Committee on International Relations and Education. This program is supported by Agfa Healthcare.