Dr. Cai Receives 2012 EANM Abstract Award

Posted on February 2013

Dr. Weibo Cai, Assistant Professor in Imaging Sciences, and principal investigator of the Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology Laboratory, won the 2012 European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Eckert & Ziegler Abstract Award. This is the first year that this group submitted abstracts to the EANM Annual Congress. The winning abstract was entitled “In Vivo Targeting and Imaging of Tumor Vasculature with Radiolabeled, Antibody-Conjugated Nano-Graphene.”

This study is the first to demonstrate that nano-graphene oxide can be specifically directed to the tumor in vivo. The chemistry of graphene-based nanomaterials makes them suitable nanoplatforms for future biomedical research, such as cancer theranostics. Since the paper first came out in February 2012, it has attracted a lot of attention. It was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News, Nanoscale, and Springer Publishing also invited Dr. Cai to edit a book on a related topic.