Dr. Diego Hernando Awarded the Response to Therapy Session Award at SABI 2019

Posted on November 2019

Dr. Diego Hernando, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Quantitative Imaging in the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Radiology, was recently awarded the Response to Therapy Session Award at the Society for Advanced Body Imaging 2019. Dr. Hernando won this award for his presentation of his research on “Repeatability and Reproducitibility and Confounder-Corrected R2* as a Biomarker of Liver Iron Concentration: Interim Results from a Multi-Center, Multi-Vendor Study at 1.5T and 3T.”

This work demonstrates that the methods for MRI-based iron quantification, which aim to assess the overload of the liver iron, work reliably and reproducibly across various MRI scanners at different centers. This is important for the broad dissemination of MRI-based iron quantification, which is necessary for the diagnosis, staging, and treatment monitoring of iron overload. Congratulations to Dr. Hernando for his outstanding work!