Dr. Kanne Publishes Thoracic Imaging Textbook

Posted on March 2012

Congratulations to UW radiologist Dr. Jeffrey Kanne, of the Chest Imaging Section, for recently publishing Clinically Oriented Pulmonary Imaging, a textbook on thoracic imaging targeted toward clinicians treating respiratory diseases.

The book provides an organized approach to the different facets of imaging of specific clinical scenarios, focusing on strengths and weaknesses of available imaging tests.

UW Radiology contributors include Mark Schiebler, M.D., Cristopher Meyer, M.D., Leif Jensen, M.D. (fellow), Christopher François, M.D., and residents Kristie Guite, M.D., Jie Nguyen, M.D., Steven Quinet, M.D., Paul Lee, M.D., and A. Keith Rastogi, M.D.