Dr. Kelcz Makes Fourth Trip to MR-Mammography Congress

Posted on October 2012

We are pleased to announce that Associate Professor Frederick Kelcz, M.D., Ph.D. of the Abdominal Imaging Section was invited to speak at the International Congress on MR-Mammography last weekend. He has been invited to speak at the International Congress for the past four sessions, which happens every three years. This three-day conference brings together international experts on breast MRI, as well as experts in basic pathology and alternative imaging techniques. The two topics he discussed were entitled: It’s Not All in the BI-RADS or CAD, and Wish List for Breast MRI Workstation.

Dr. Kelcz’s primary research interests are MRI applications. He initiated the breast MRI clinical and research program at the University of Wisconsin, and remains an active player in the future of breast MRI. His current projects include “Evaluation of Added Value of Advanced Methods for Breast MRI Diagnosis,” which aims to determine if new methods in breast MRI are more reliable than current methods. Of the methods being evaluated, four of them hold promise to increase the specificity of breast MRI compared to those currently in use.