Dr. Rebecca Ray to Join Prabhakaran Neuroimaging Lab

Posted on April 2010

The Prabhakaran Neuroimaging Lab and Koenigs Lab (Neuroscience) welcome Dr. Rebecca Ray who will be starting a joint Postdoctoral fellowship in June 1, 2010 in the two labs. She has received a 1 year Postdoctoral grant from the UW Training Program in Emotion Research.

Her fellowship will focus on characterizing affective processes in the brain using both multimodal imaging techniques such as fMRI/DTI and various lesion patient populations such as stroke patients. She has conducted affective neuroscience research starting with her PhD in Psychology from Stanford University under Professors James Gross and John Gabrieli as well as her first Postdoctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University under Professor David Zald. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Ray to UW Radiology.