Dr. Salkowski Awarded RSNA Education Scholar Grant

Posted on May 2010

Lonie R. Salkowski, MD has been awarded the RSNA Education Scholar Grant for her project entitled, “A Paradigm Shift in Teaching Anatomy: Development of new Educational Methods for Health Care Professionals to learn Anatomy through Radiology Correlation.” The RSNA Education Scholar Grant provides funding opportunities for individuals with an active interest in radiologic education. This grant will allow her to obtain further training in education theory, curriculum development, and education policy. Classroom time and restrictions requires additional competence and expertise beyond the basic scope of teaching. Her goals are to gain expertise and leadership skills, and become more innovative to effectively and efficiently teach within the confines of limited educational resources. These skills will allow further enhancement and development of radiology-based teaching programs for health care professionals at all levels both locally and nationally. Through this training she plans to attain her masters in education.