Dr. Tabassum Kennedy Wins Quality And Safety Week Award

Posted on November 2013

Dr. Tabassum Kennedy, Assistant Professor in Neuroradiology, received a first place award for Improving the Patient Experience of Care for her exhibit, “Stroke Code Communication Compliance PQI,” during Quality and Safety Week from October 7-11. Dr. Kennedy accepted the award from the COO of the hospital, Ron Sliwinski, at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 8th.

Department of Radiology Chair Dr. Tom Grist hailed Dr. Kennedy as a “rising star,” and praised her for her leadership and teamwork in the project. Dr. Kennedy organized a group of residents, fellows, faculty and administrative support to identify and improve upon an issue with systems-based practice using a collaborative approach.

“This project was initially very daunting,” said Dr. Kennedy. “However, once we were able to gather data, we were able to work together to very effectively improve the overall process. This was not an abstract exercise, it has actually improved patient care and communication in our acute stroke care systems in a real and enduring way.”

The department congratulates Dr. Kennedy on her recognition, especially since it is a reflection of the hard work she has contributed to advancing the department across fields.