Elizabeth Sadowski Lectures on O-RADS MRI Risk Stratification System during Visiting Professorship

Posted on March 2022

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD was invited by Drs. Julia Fielding and Neil Rofsky as a Visiting Professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern. During her visiting professorship, she lectured on the O-RADS MRI Risk Stratification system for assessing adnexal lesions on MRI. The overarching goal of this work is to improve the accuracy of ovarian lesion characterization and reporting so that women with benign lesions can avoid over extensive surgery, and women with ovarian cancer can be expeditiously treated by gynecologic oncologists. Previously, Dr. Elizabeth Sadowski published the “O-RADS MRI Risk Stratification System: Guide for Assessing Adnexal Lesions from the ACR O-RADS Committee” in Radiology earlier this year. As the Chair of the ACR O-RADS MRI Education Committee, she has led the development of the O-RADS MRI Risk stratification system and of an on-line calculator (oradsmricalc.com) to help radiologists use the stratification system in clinical practice. Her work will continue with the release of ACR e-learning modules this summer and other educational resources in the coming years.  

Dr. Sadowski also seeks to educate others on how to create more inclusive workspaces. During her professorship, she also met with the Vice Chair of Faculty Development and the department diversity committee to discuss her work for the UW Vice Chancellor as the Hostile Intimidating Behavior liaison and workshop lead. These workshops focus on identifying and addressing hostile workplace behaviors so that everyone can feel safe and valued. Dr. Sadowski’s work in this space is part of a larger University of Wisconsin-Madison initiative to support faculty and trainees when they experience hostile behaviors in the workplace, as well as assuring that university, school, and department leaders have the policies and tools to address these behaviors.