Enterprise Imaging moves to Excelsior Drive

Posted on June 2013

On April 15, Excelsior Drive2013, Enterprise Imaging opened up their new operations space at 8501 Excelsior Drive. The space which used to house 3300 square feet of hard copy files was refurbished into personnel space.

This transition is another milestone in the evolution of medical imaging from hard copy film to electronic media. The past ten years has been full of milestones beginning with a workforce of 36 clerical file personnel shuffling
file jackets and 3 PACS employees caring for electronic images. Today we have transitioned to a total of 25 PACS analysts and Image Management employees managing electronic imaging.

The move to Excelsior comes with more workflow changes for not only Radiology, but all of UWHealth. Our mission going forward is to make image importing and exporting more efficient for all end users and patients. This mission will not happen overnight. In the next year we will be introducing more ways to improve delivery of images to all locations. Please let us know if you have issues and or suggestions for changes and improvements by calling the PACS Help Desk at 261-1808. The Help Desk will route these requests to the appropriate people.