Head and Neck Radiology Group Soaks Up Sun, Surf, and Society Awards

Posted on October 2015

The UW Head and Neck Radiology Group made waves on their recent visit to Naples, FL, for the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ASHNR).

An educational exhibit authored by Greg Avey, M.D., was selected as the top exhibit of the conference. Entitled “The Extracranial Trigeminal Nerve – Untangling the Branches,” Dr. Avey’s exhibit provided a detailed overview of the largest and most complex cranial nerve. Ten written abstracts were submitted by members of the UW Head and Neck Radiology Group, including Lindell Gentry, M.D., Tabby Kennedy, M.D., and Dr. Avey.

In addition, there was a strong showing from UW Radiology residents and fellows. Under the mentorship of Dr. Gentry, 3rd Year Resident Eric Hartman, M.D., presented the Head and Neck Group’s ten-year retrospective review of sphenotemporal buttress fractures, a relatively common type of fracture that occurs at the base of the skull. Another 3rd Year Resident, Brian Chan, M.D., mentored by Dr. Kennedy, presented a review on the relationship between imaging findings and visual deficits in patients with sudden bleeding in the pituitary gland. Former UW Radiology Neuroradiology Fellow Justin Brucker, M.D., now an Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester Department of Imaging Sciences, gave a stellar performance for the eventual winners of the ASHNR “College Bowl” game show. Dr. Brucker also presented two educational posters under the mentorship of the UW Radiology Head and Neck Radiology Group.

The group’s success also includes new service as ASHNR leadership. Dr. Gentry is the President-Elect of the society, and Drs. Kennedy and Avey were involved in numerous ASHNR planning committees for the meeting. Most notably, Dr. Gentry has been named the program director for next year’s 50th Anniversary meeting in Washington, D.C., which is expected to be the most-attended meeting in the history of the ASHNR.