Meghan Lubner Awarded ICTR Pilot Grant

Posted on April 2021

Congratulations to Professor Meghan Lubner, MD, for receiving an ICTR Novel Methods Pilot Award. The ICTR Novel Methods Pilot Program aims to foster development of interdisciplinary collaborations that will advance translational science to improve human health. With the award, Dr. Lubner and her team receive a grant of up to $50,000 for 12 months of support for their research.

Dr. Lubner’s research uses precise radiologic pathologic correlation to define the imaging signature of aggressive pathologic components of renal cell carcinoma. “We are using 3D printed molds, tissue localization clips, CT, and MRI to image ex vivo specimens and extract image data from specific portions of the tumor with direct correlation with pathology at that site.  We hope to move to in vivo tissue localization in the near future.  We are also working with an engineering group to use machine and deep learning to better identify aggressive areas on imaging,” says Dr. Lubner.

The funding from the award will help the research team obtain preliminary data. It will be used for printing 3D molds, securing time for the CT and MRI scanners, and pathologic analysis. Accruing this preliminary data will establish that the team can successfully implement this workflow in their research.

Dr. Lubner was thrilled to receive this award. “I was so wonderfully surprised and happy.  We had just recruited our first subject after long-term planning the week the awards were announced.  This funding will be critical in helping us continue to move the project forward.  Our team is so very excited,” she says.