MRI Renovations Complete

Posted on July 2021

Renovations were recently completed on the UWMR2 MRI room. The renovations started in January and finished in late June, with the first patient imaged on the new system June 28th, and provide much needed upgrades to improve imaging for patients and providers alike.

The first part of the renovations was to the MRI room itself. The MRI room previously had three inches of steel plating on all sides to help contain the magnetic field. During construction, the steel was removed, and the room was shortened to allow more space in the MRI control area. The new room also has a wider window from the control area, a wider door into the room, and significantly brighter lighting to help in cases where general anesthesia is used.

The second part of the renovations was to the MRI system. The previous MRI system was installed in 1991, and despite many upgrades, it had become quite limited compared to current MRI systems. The old system was removed, and a new 1.5T GE Signa Artist MRI system was installed. The new system has better coil coverage to better accommodate patients of different sizes as well as the latest software options. The 70 cm bore allows additional room in the scanner, which can help with claustrophobic patients.

The Department of Radiology is excited to have this state-of-the-art MRI system available for use!