National Nurses Week 2019: Awards and Appreciation for Radiology Nursing Team

Posted on May 2019

The UW Health Nursing Excellence Awards were announced at a special ceremony this week, one of the highlights of Nursing Week 2019. Musculoskeletal Section nurse Erica Timm, BSN, RN, won the top award for Clinical Nursing Excellence. Timm was selected from a large field of nominees for this prestigious award. Department of Radiology nominees Marcia Foltz, Norzin Lhamo and Kelly Wergin were also recognized for the valued contributions to patient care.

Read the full story here. This National Nurses Week, we would like to recognize all Department of Radiology nursing staff for their hard work and commitment to patients!

Marci Alexander
Christina Ammerman
Peggy Baker
Rebecca Basel
Joy Bennett
Taylor Borgerding
Kinesha Brown
Kelly Bybee
Holly Casson
Sheri Chambers
Roxane Dachman
Justin Enright
Virginia Erling
Marcia Foltz
Therese Gion
Molly Goldthorpe
Maggie Grey|
Samantha Helt
Mary Herman
Anna Holevatz
Ann Jackson
Alison Katona
LeAnn Klaetsch
Samantha Kuznacic
Foster Lake
Kathy Lancaster
Norzin Lhamo
David Longseth
Jeremy McKiernan
Dean Millam
Laura Misterek
Alicia Nelson
Richard Pacetes
Abbey Pampuch
Karen Plumier
Jordan Powell
Eileen Prince
Janae Prosa
Aaron Queck
Joseph Schnick
Alicia Sims
Tabitha Smith
Christine Spier
Jason Steil
Nicholas Sydow
Erica Timm
Veronica Vaughn-Chun
Amber Welsh
Kelly Wergin
Amy White
Vonda Wielsma