Neuroimaging Lab Team Awarded $3.9 MM Grant

Posted on July 2020

Vivek Prabhakaran
Dr. Vivek Prabhakaran
Dr. Veena Nair

Associate Professor Vivek Prabhakaran, Research scientist Dr. Veena Nair, and Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Jiancheng Hou are part of the team that has been awarded a $3.9 million NIH grant. This grant will focus on the neurodevelopmental deficits in macaque infants that have been exposed to the Zika virus in utero. The group will work with experts in neurodevelopment, neuropathy, and neuroradiology while utilizing quantitative MRI, hearing and visual studies. This is the third NIH grant received by this team, also including his work on Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and its effects on the rehabilitation time of stroke patients, clarifying the overlapping pathology of delirium and dementia, and mapping the connectome in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME).