New Reading Room Creates Opportunity for Coworkers to Connect

Posted on February 2024


Members of the UW Department of Radiology celebrating the grand opening of the abdominal reading room.

The UW Department of Radiology opened the doors to a new abdominal reading room, and with it, new opportunities for colleagues to connect.

(Left to Right) Michael Hartung, MD; Thomas Grist, MD; J. Louis Hinshaw, MD; and Giuseppe Toia, MD cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of the reading room.

The steady increase in volume of clinical services required improved efficiency and collaboration for the Abdominal Imaging and Intervention section. In addition, the shift from physical to digital images meant the room no longer needed to be next to the associated clinical workspaces. The integrated, centrally located space for hospital-based team members facilitates seamless cross coverage based on availability and expertise not possible in the previous reading rooms. Faculty now consult each other on challenging cases, participate in conferences, and share interesting cases with ease. 

Greater efficiency is not the only benefit that the new reading room brings. It has only been in use since December, but Section Chief J. Louis Hinshaw, MD, has already observed the benefits that being able to connect face-to-face with their colleagues offers. “It has increased our ability to work collaboratively with each other and improved the esprit de corps with the team.”