Newrhee Kim Accepts Role on Board of Directors of Meriter Hospital

Posted on March 2022

Newrhee Kim, MD recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Meriter Hospital. The Board is the governing body of the Meriter system and has ultimate responsibility for supervision of the Hospital.  Duties of the Board include developing and overseeing implementation of the UnityPoint Health system strategies, regional policies, corporate mission and values, consolidated financial structure and annual financial plan, and processes designed to assure the provision of quality patient care. 

To carry out these duties, Meriter values having representation of medical doctors on the Board of Directors. “Having physician representation in leadership positions, especially at a board level, is critical in healthcare.  While all board members are committed to the best for the hospital and its patients, they seek guidance when there are instances where a decision needs to be made in an area they may not have expertise, often having to do with a specific area of patient care,” says Dr. Kim. “I believe that physicians play a critical role in providing a direct voice in these situations and can provide a unique perspective given our role as the team leaders in healthcare,” he adds. 

Dr. Kim, who also serves as the Department’s Vice Chair of Community and Outreach Radiology, expressed immense gratitude for his new leadership position. “I was humbled and honored to have been asked to serve on the Board of Directors.  Meriter has always been an integral place of practice as a community division radiologist, and I’ve spent most of my career serving Meriter on various committees and leadership positions.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve at the highest level with a group of wonderful, committed people who love the hospital as much as I do.” 

Congratulations on your new leadership role within Meriter Hospital, Dr. Kim!