RAD-AID: UW Radiologists Look to the World

Posted on February 2013

by Bora Ozel, M.D.

In the midst of our everyday lives, it can be easy to forget that the UW Department of Radiology is fortunate enough to have access to state of the art equipment and world class staff to provide the level of service that we do. Most of the world is not as fortunate.

Late last year, a group of attending physicians, residents, nurses, and technologists met to discuss what we can do to help bring our imaging skills and expertise to developing countries throughout the world. With a lot of enthusiasm and some great ideas for possible projects, we also discussed starting a local chapter of RAD-AID International here at the UW.

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit organization founded by a team of radiologists trained at Johns Hopkins. RAD-AID is a global network assisting developing countries to implement and optimize radiology and health imaging services while improving the role of radiology in global public health initiatives. Its focus is on longitudinal projects of education, resources, and collaboration. Since its founding, this group has developed a chapter program which has spread to several academic institutions.

Plans are in the works for our second meeting in the next month, with guest speakers Dr. Girma Tefera of vascular surgery, who has done extensive work in Ethiopia, and Dr. Gale Sisney, who attended the RAD-AID convention in Baltimore in October of last year.

If you are interested in attending or being involved and have not already contact us, feel free to email Dr. Bora Ozel at BOzel@uwhealth.org or Dr. Gillian Battino at GBattino@uwhealth.org.