Radiology Hosts Shapiro Summer Students For Academic Medicine Hands-On Learning

Posted on December 2013

With help from the Department of Radiology’s Research and Development fund, five medical students paired with research mentors to complete projects for the Shapiro Summer Research Program and presented their research on November 26.

Students Joshua Bakke and Nicholas Stabo worked with Perry Pickhardt, M.D. Joshua Bakke’s project was titled, “Colonic Fluid Volume Comparison of Cathartic Bowel Preparations for Computed Tomographic Colonography,” and Nicholas Stabo’s project was titled, “CT Volumetric Tumor Measurement for Assessing Treatment Response.”
view Joshua Bakke’s presentation
view Nicholas Stabo’s poster

Student Benjamin “Beau” Ebben worked with Kenneth S. Lee, M.D., on his project titled, “Noninvasive Quantification of Tissue
Biomechanics: Shear Wave Imaging in a Porcine Tendinopathy Model.”
view Beau Ebben’s poster

Student John Renfrew worked with Jason W. Stephenson, M.D., on his project titled, “Algorithm-Based Quantification of Radiological Reporting Metrics.”
view John Renfrew’s poster

Student Sarah Sweetman worked with Scott Nagle, M.D., Ph.D., on a project titled, “Repeatability of Aortic Annulus
Measurements on Pre-Procedure CT Scans For Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI).”
view Sarah Sweetman’s poster

According to Lynne Cleeland, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and
Public Health, 90% of students who participated in the program rated their satisfaction high on a survey. Cleeland also
stated that the project is prompting many students to seriously consider academic medicine as a career path.

Congratulations to UW Radiology’s Shapiro students!

Updated 1/3/2014 to add links to posters.