Radiology nursing’s Kelly Bybee receives advanced clinical practice certification

Posted on May 2013

Kelly Bybee, Clinical Program Coordinator for the Radiology nursing department, has recently received a clinical advancement certificate from the Nursing Clinical Advancement Program for her excellence in advanced clinical practice.

According to nurse manager Michael Barsanti, during recent years UW Health nursing administration has developed the Nursing Clinical Advancement Program as a way for nurses to demonstrate that they have achieved: 1) a level of proficiency and/or 2) a level of expert clinical advancement in their clinical practice.

Nursing participants submit a portfolio that encompasses all of the data necessary to demonstrate they have achieved each of these levels. Once a letter of intent has been submitted, it takes approximately 6 months to gather this data and organize it for submission.

Kelly was part of the very first staff to be granted the proficient level. While 80 letters were submitted, only 20 received this honor. “It is a very rigorous process and I am proud to say that Kelly Bybee has achieved recognition,” said Barsanti.

Kelly’s focused clinical practice in the area of MR demonstrated in her portfolio she possessed the advanced skill level to be given the award. “The amount of time and effort necessary to prepare is approximately 40 hours [total],” Barsanti said. “This is no small feat.”