Radiology’s Strong Sense of Community Fosters Achievements

Posted on August 2014

As I paged through this edition of The Inside View, I was struck by the sheer number of awards and accomplishments attained by individuals and by the department as a whole. The dedication and brilliance contained within UW Radiology is unparalleled, and the challenging academic atmosphere has fostered many discoveries in the field of imaging. I am extraordinarily proud to serve as Chair of the department, and I am grateful for the hard work of each and every department member — faculty, staff, and support personnel.

In this edition of our quarterly, the breadth and determination of department members is clearly demonstrated by faculty such as Dr. Meghan Lubner who was recently profiled by Brava magazine as one of 2014’s “Women to Watch”, while Dr. Gillian Battino recently embarked on a trip to Nicaragua, providing free ultrasound exams to over 170 patients in just 6 days. Dr. Oliver Wieben’s Flow Research Group contributed the cover story to four separate issues of JMRI, and Dr. Frank Thornton was appointed the Vice Chair of Community and Outreach Radiology. While these are individual achievements, each faculty member named would undoubtedly attribute much of their success to colleagues and friends within the department, a testament to the strong sense of community prevalent throughout UW Radiology.

To find ample evidence of our commitment to research, look no further than our presence at the 2014 ISMRM Annual Meeting. With 22 presenters contributing to 57 presentations, UW Radiology took home 19 awards. Department members led and moderated discussions, illustrating the leading role our department holds within the larger radiology community. In regards to our clinical mission, our responsibility was fulfilled in part by our contribution to the new Pediatric Imaging Suite located at AFCH. Our low-dose imaging protocols are the first of their kind, providing maximum protection for the children undergoing imaging services there.

In this season, we welcome six new faculty to our ranks. We can’t wait to help them find their home among us and see them grow in this fertile soil. We have built a unique, multifaceted community, that wouldn’t exist without the countless hours spent in reading rooms, classrooms, or offices. I thank you for your tireless effort in making UW Radiology a better place, and I look forward to what the second half of 2014 has to offer us.