Successful Shapiro Summer Research Program Concludes with Virtual Twist

Posted on August 2020

The Shapiro Summer Research Program allows medical students the opportunity to complete an original research project with a faculty mentor during the summer between their first and second year. Due to COVID-19, all 2020 Shapiro projects had to be completed remotely, but our Department of Radiology faculty mentors rose to the challenge. Eleven Shapiro Summer Research Students completed projects with seven faculty mentors, ranging from comprehensive literature reviews to 3D image reconstruction.

Dr. Drew Ross, MD, with the help of Katie Yang, MS, created a new Radiology Shapiro Summer Research Mentoring Program, which provided students with on-demand support to join professional societies, present at national conferences, and connect to the field of academic radiology. The program also built community among the students and faculty through biweekly Peer Mentoring meetings, in which students presented an elevator pitch-style take on their research and challenges they faced in the remote environment. Radiology faculty (Dr. Amy Fowler, Dr. Lori Mankowski Gettle, Dr. Jason Stephenson, and Dr. JP Yu) facilitated these sessions and helped students to develop solutions to the challenges that they faced.

The new Radiology Shapiro Summer Research Mentoring Program concluded with students presenting virtual of graphical abstracts of their projects. Faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students joined to watch students discuss their work. Congratulations to all the Radiology Shapiro Summer Research Students on their fantastic work, and thank you to all of faculty mentors and facilitators for making this program possible!