The 2nd Histotripsy Symposium Has Largest Turnout Yet

Posted on November 2022

On November 3 and 4, 2022, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Radiology and Histosonics, Inc. hosted the 2nd Histotripsy Symposium – the first being in Ann Arbor, MI in 2019. The event drew 110 registrants from 9 universities (University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, Penn State, Iowa State, University of Washington, Dalhousie University – Halifax & Nova Scotia), 1 industry partner, and 1 foundation partner to discuss scientific advances, early clinical experiences, and future research needs. The symposium included dedicated time for networking and social interaction to foster new and deepen existing collaborations. 

Fred Lee, MD, Paul Laeseke, MD, PhD, and Tim Ziemlewicz, MD were the primary team that organized and coordinated the two-day event, which included 27 talks, 14 poster presentations, and lab/facility tours. The 2022 Charles Cain Keynote Speaker was Dr. Zhen Xu. According to Drs. Lee, Laeseke, and Ziemlewicz, “Dr. Zu’s laboratory at the University of Michigan has pioneered the use of histotripsy in the fight against cancer, leading to a clinical liver cancer trial in Europe. More recently, her group’s research has sparked trials for histotripsy treatment of brain cancer and histotripsy for immunotherapy.”