University of Wisconsin – Madison at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) 2022 Annual Meeting

Posted on April 2022

The 2022 meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) kicked off in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 1st. Many members of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Radiology participated in the meeting. Check out the full list of presenters from the Department of Radiology below! 

Sunday, May 1 

10:00 AM – Joanna Kusmirek, MD: Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging: Unknown Film Panel Session 

1:00 PM – Greg Avey, MD: Cranial Nerve Imaging: From the Least to the Last 

1:00 PM – Anthony Kuner, MD: Code Stroke: What Every Radiologist Should Know 

3:30 PM – Laura Eisemenger, MD & Allison Grayev, MD: Multimodality Approach to Epilepsy and Dementia 

3:30 PM – Tabby Kennedy, MD: Conquering Mid-Career Malaise: What to Do Now You’re Associate Professor 

3:30 PM – Perry Pickhardt, MD: Reading Cases with the Experts: An Interactive Session 

Monday, May 2 

7:00 AM – Meghan Lubner, MD: Emerging Research Session – Part 1 

8:30 AM – Eric Monroe, MD: Imaging to Intervention: Intravascular Ultrasound 

8:30 AM – Perry Pickhardt, MD: Challenging Abdominal Cases 

8:30 AM – Elizabeth Sadowski, MD, Course Director for Introduction to Academic Radiology Program: Introduction, Connecting, Committees and Career Success, and Panel Discussion: Work Life Balance in Academic Radiology [invitation only] 

10:30 AM – Tabby Kennedy, MD: Critical Neuroanatomy for the Radiologist 

1:30 PM – Michael Woods, MD; Meghan Lubner, MD; & Mark Kleedehn, MD: Imaging to Intervention: Pancreatitis 

3:30 PM – David Kim, MD, FACR & Meghan Lubner, MD: Bowel Imaging 

Tuesday, May 3 

7:00 AM – Meghan Lubner, MD: Emerging Research Session – Part 2 

10:30 AM – Ruben Massa (Andrew Wentland, MD, PhD served as a mentor): Variable Size of Metastatic Liver Lesions on Dual Contrast MRI

11:15 AM – Elizabeth Sadowski, MD: Radiology Research: Getting Started 

1:30 PM – Andrew Ross, MD, MPH: MSK Ultrasound with MRI Correlation: Small Joints 

3:30 PM – Aaron Eifler, MD: Imaging to Intervention: Prostate 

Wednesday, May 4 

8:30 AM – Meghan Lubner, MD: Gastrointestinal Imaging: HCC, Focal Liver Disease 

10:30 AM – Elizabeth Sadowski, MD: The CV 

1:00 PM – Michael Tuite, MD: Sports Imaging Categorical Course in the Elbow injuries in sports: pee-wee to Pro Session 

1:30 PM – Anthony Kuner, MD: Talking About My (De)generation 

1:30 PM – Maria Daniela Martin, MD: Rapid Fire Case Review: Diffuse Lung Disease

2:00 PM – Mark Kliewer, MD: Panel Discussion: Insights into the Life of the Academic Radiologist 

3:30 PM – Allison Grayev, MD: Incidental Findings 

Thursday, May 5 

8:30 AM – Donna Blankenbaker, MD, FACR: Pitfalls: Common Errors in MSK 

8:30 AM – Allison Grayev, MD & Tabby Kennedy, MD: Radiology Review: Neuroradiology 

8:30 AM – Lucas Aronson (Andrew Wentland, MD, PhD served as a mentor): Whole Kidney Segmentation on Non-Contrast CT Data Sets using a Convolutional Neural Network

8:30 AM – Mark Kliewer, MD: Choosing the Right Job in Radiology: Private Practice & Academics & The Economics of Radiology

8:30 AM – Anand Narayan, MD, PhD: Building a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee for Patient Care and Research

11:30 AM – Elizabeth Sadowski, MD: The Wrap-Up 

1:00 PM – Donna Blankenbaker, MD, FACR: Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh – Classic Sport Injuries

1:30 PM – Cristopher Meyer, MD, FACR: Chest Imaging: In the Era of COVID-19